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Paul Janze established Advanced Biomass Consulting in 2010, when he realized that with the down-turn in the forest products industry that there was a lot of wood and biomass handling expertise that was being lost due to experienced people being laid-off and retired from mills closing across the country.  So, he decided to create a website dedicated to passing on his knowledge about wood and biomass handling.  He writes 1-2 articles per year and the response from industry has been great; getting >400 visits every day.

With the current worldwide interest in the use of biomass for `green’ energy purposes, there are a lot of interested and well-intentioned but woefully inexperienced people vying for various grants and proposing new projects, but who have little or no experience with biomass.

Biomass is not an easy material to handle. It appears in a myriad of species, forms and sizes; it knits together, doesn’t flow well, consolidates and packs easily; it can have a wide range of moisture contents, basic and bulk densities and calorific values; it will freeze; it is very dusty, catches fire easily and is self-combustible; it can contain all manner of contaminants; it can be quite fragile and care must be taken not to degrade the material.

Advanced Biomass Consulting (ABC) is Paul Janze.  Paul has more than 30 years of experience and almost all of it has been in designing and constructing systems for processing and handling woody biomass primarily for the forest products and energy industries.  Paul knows that he has something valuable to offer to individuals and companies seeking information and engineering assistance.  For more information about Paul, see the page titled “About the Author”.

Paul and ABC provide conceptual and detail design and process optimization and trouble-shooting of wood and biomass handling systems primarily for the energy and pulp and paper industries, and have completed many successful projects and studies over the past few years.

We would be pleased to meet with you in person or by teleconference to discuss your challenges and projects, and how we might participate. We can be reached at 1-604-505-5857 or by email at pjanze@telus.net .

We stand ready to provide open and honest dialogue regarding the best ways of handling or processing woody biomass, based on our many years of experience.  We are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer and do not receive any benefit from promoting one piece of equipment over another.

Advanced Biomass Consulting Inc. is an incorporated company with requisite CGL, E&O and WSBC insurance.

Every project needs to be properly defined and all parameters characterized and quantified.  We are cognizant of the requirements of properly executed projects, with the appropriate effort expended for the intended outcome.  We understand the value of quality engineering; our rates are comparable to most small engineering companies.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Mailing Address:

Advanced Biomass Consulting Inc.

Box 214,

47 – 20821 Fraser Highway

Langley, BC, Canada V3A4G7

tel: 1-604-505-5857

email: pjanze@telus.net

6 replies on “About Advanced Biomass Consulting Inc.”

  1. Hi Paul. What is your experience with pulp and paper mill bark/residual wood waste, such as a clay capped landfill pile of residual wood waste? We are in very early process of basic testing. Wondering of you have any experience with these types of biomass piles. Sure to be rocks and industrial debris that would need to be addressed. Thanks Todd

  2. Hi Paul,
    Great idea you had, could not think of a better person to blog about handling biomass. I wish you great success, and if you need a hand with procurement questions, let me know.

  3. Dr. Mr. Goetsch,
    Thank you for your informative blog sharing your knowledge about Biomass.
    Would the information about woody biomass apply to a municiple solid waste to electic facility using a pyrolysis reactor?
    Thank You
    Nancy Shoemaker

  4. Dear Sirs,
    We are looking for big de-stoner, capacity about 150 t/h.
    Product -biomass pellets
    Can you offer it?

  5. Hi Alexander,
    I don’t sell equipment, but would be interested in working with you to assess your stone contamination problem and make recommendations for resolution.

  6. We are using biomass agricultural waste our chain conveyor demage with big size stone and wood in zero speed problems how can we remove best regards

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