Paul Janze has completed more than 180 projects and studies in his career and has done projects for most of the pulp and paper and energy plants in western Canada.  Following is a sampling of the projects and studies he has completed since 2012:

Confidential Client, Biomass Power Plant, Northern Alberta – Hot Sand and Ash Removal project (on-going).

Confidential Client, SawmillVancouver Island – Wastewood conveyor design (on-going).

Confidential Client, Pulpmill, Northern Alberta – Rock contamination study in wood chips (on-going).

Confidential Client, Pulpmill, Vancouver Island – Chip chute design review (2016).

Confidential Client, Pulpmill, Vancouver Island – Chip trailer dumper study (2016).

Confidential Client, Pulpmill, Quesnel, BC – Chip railcar unloading study (2016).

Confidential Client, Biomass Power Plant, Northern Alberta – Multiclone dust collector replacement project (2016).

Confidential Client, BC Lower Mainland – review of proposed CHP plant (2016)

Confidential Client, Pulpmill, Vancouver Island – Wastewood dryer study for a biomass-fired boiler (2015).

Abengoa Bioenergy Biomass Kansas, Hugoton, KS – Trouble-shooting a corn stover handling system for an ethanol / cogeneration plant (2015).

Confidential Client, Quesnel, BC – conceptual study for hog fuel de-stoning equipment for a sawmill energy system (2015).

Confidential Client, North Carolina – trouble-shooting the woodwaste handling system for a biomass-fired cogeneration plant at an ethanol plant (2015).

Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., Peace River, AB – conceptual and detail design of a combination truck / railcar dumper for wood chips (2014).

Ontario Power Generation, Atikokan, ON – 210 MW Atikokan Generating Station, Biomass Conversion Project – conceptual and detail design for a 3,800 t/d wood pellet handling facility, including design of a helical chute for discharging wood pellets into storage silos (2013).

Cariboo Pulp & Paper, Quesnel, BC – trouble-shooting a wastewood fuel handling system for a hog fuel boiler (2013).

Nanaimo Forest Products, Harmac Pulp Div., Nanaimo, BC – conceptual and detail design of a hog fuel conveyor (2012).