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Belt Conveyor Design for Use in Extreme Northern Climates

[Article updated in January 2018]

Author: Paul Janzé, Advanced Biomass Consulting Inc.

Winter Chip Pile

Designing material handling systems for use in extreme northern environments requires special care.  For example, temperatures in northern Canada can vary between -45°C in winter to +35°C in summer.  In winter, snow load, blowing snow and ice build-up are always problems to be encountered.  The product being handled can have ice particles frozen to it and can also contain loose snow. And at such extreme temperatures, steel becomes very brittle and susceptible to damage from impacts.

In warmer climates, you can push the design limits and use short, steep, small, high speed conveyors.  In extreme cold climates, simultaneously pushing all design limits is a recipe for disaster.

In extreme cold climates it’s best to be conservative in your design. Following is a list of `do’s and don’ts, which I have learned over the years. Continue reading →